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Element Grey

Element Grey (P)



A silky textured finish creates a luxury feel under the hand and comes with a modern industrial twist that is sure to inspire a myriad of design spaces.​



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By visiting one of our national showrooms or contacting our dedicated email and phone support lines.

Yes we do! We are excited to announce the release of Zenith Surfaces by Stone Ambassador. A revolutionary, zero crystalline silica products available now, click our Catalogue page to discover more.

As a wholesaler, we do not supply material direct to the public. All purchases occur via your dedicated stonemason only. Your cabinet maker or builder is also not able to purchase direct and must go through their nominated stone fabricator.

As the production technology and materials required to create certain colours differ, so does the pricing we offer across our ranges. Chat to our team to get a better understanding of how our ranges may be different in terms of costing.

As a wholesaler, we can put you in contact with a national network of stonemasons, who can price your job according to the plans you provide them. We do not give direct pricing at our showrooms, online or via email.

We always recommend visiting one of our national displays to select your stone as appearance and tonality can sometimes change. This is also dependant on the device type you are using to view our website as some colours may look different in real life settings.

Our products are resistant to many kinds of cracks, chips, scratches, and stains. However, like most materials they are no indestructible and do require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Things such as excessive force, high point loads, high pressure or heat may cause damage to your surface.

Stone Ambassador Quartz is heat resistant, however like all stone materials, it can be damaged by sudden and rapid surface temperature changes. A good rule of thumb is that if your hand cannot tolerate the level of heat for more than a few seconds then the heat source is too high.

Our Vasari Italian surfaces range has a far higher heat tolerance level as it is a ceramic surface. However, we do recommend using a heat trivet or chopping block when placing hot items from the stone or oven on to your Vasari surface as an extra precaution against any unforeseen issues.

Yes they are! Our Zenith Surfaces zero crystalline silica range contains up to 89% recycled materials and our Vasari Porcelain range up to 40% recycled materials.

Engineered Stone

Our Engineered stone range is a hygienic and hardy surface selections for most internal applications. This relates to kitchen benchtop, splashbacks, bathrooms, laundry areas as well as enclosed alfresco areas. Our engineered stone range is not warranted against direct sun exposure as they may lead to damage to the stone.

Vasari Surfaces Porcelain

Being one of the most dynamic surface materials available in Australia, our Vasari Surface range is suitable to most internal and external applications. Such as kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, wall lining, flooring, external cladding, outdoor alfresco areas, stairs, laundry areas, bathrooms and more.

Stone Ambassador is ideal for kitchen bench tops, custom furniture applications, splash backs, bathroom vanity tops, bath and shower surrounds and almost any internal bench top application. Stone Ambassador is also widely used in commercial applications.

Absolutely! All surfaces we range as 100% safe for installation and use in your home. As there is no fabrication required post installation, there is no need for concern about any airborne pollutants or emissions from our stone.

Source: Safe Work Australia

In its solid form – such as in installed engineered stone benchtops. There is no risk to those choosing to have stone benchtop or surface in their home. Silica is only dangerous when released as dust through the fabrication of the stone – cutting, drilling, grinding, or polishing. In this process, workers exposed to silica dust through poor safety practices can develop serious health issues, including the lung disease silicosis.

We range over sixty different surface designs between our Zenith surfaces zero crystalline silica range and Vasari porcelain range. Zenith surfaces is composed of a range of 40 colours in 20mm thickness, whilst Vasari Surfaces has 20 colours available in 6mm and 12mm thickness. Click the catalogue to discover more.


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